Monday, July 2, 2007

The Six Degrees of Global Warming

I thought I had posted this idea at my old blog a long time ago, but maybe not. Many others have taken off with the idea, though, so I don't think I can take credit.

Here are the simple rules for the game called The Six Degrees of Global Warming.
  1. Start with any Bad Thing or Undesirable Effect.
  2. Connect it to global warming in six or fewer steps.
You can see the game in action in this blog post by AccuWeather's Brett Anderson:
Many people are promoting the use of ethanol (alcohol made from corn) as a possible partial solution to global warming. A article (Alcohol: Cool Solution to Global Warming?) explains the logic. Not everyone agrees that ethanol will not help to ease any global warming concerns as is explained in this Reuters article (Ethanol May Not Ease Global Warming: UN) that was found in the Sydney Morning Herald indicates; however, more ethanol is being produced.

According to a recent article on ABC News (How More Ethanol Means Pricier Pizza), an increase in production of ethanol has resulted in higher dairy prices since more corn is being used for fuel rather than food for cattle. So, there you have it: more ethanol to try to combat global warming means higher dairy prices, which means more expensive cheese and more expensive pizza. That's right--global warming is causing higher pizza prices!!
Global warming >> shift to ethanol production >> higher feed prices >> higher dairy prices >> higher pizza prices. Congratulations, Mr. Anderson. You made it in four steps!

It appears that Mr. Anderson is having fun here, but far too many out there are in deadly earnest.