Friday, June 15, 2007

The Al Gore Youth Corps

This article (called "Pending Doom"!) in the Portland (Maine) Press Herald reveals more about the teacher than it does about the fourth graders who supposedly wrote it. Near the end of the article the kids state:
All the facts we have presented are true, real, and will shape our future unless decisive action is taken.
Given that their recommended sites for further education are Stop Global Warming and An Inconvenient Truth, it's not surprising that some of the 'facts' they present are exaggerated apocalyptic predictions (such as the Greenland ice sheet and the "Arctic ice shelf" completely melting, leading to Manhattan soaking in 40 feet of water), anecdotal (warm temperatures in March) or simply untrue (such as the notion that the Atlantic/Gulf hurricane breeding grounds are unusually warm, leading to storms like Katrina).

One thing seems to be certain -- the kids aren't being taught critical thinking skills. By the time they graduate from high school they should be completely immunized against contrary data.