Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Global Warming: The Game (coming soon to an X-Box near you?)

Even though the modern AGW movement is largely a vehicle for anticapitalists to achieve their goals, that doesn't mean that capitalists can't get a piece of the action as well. Microsoft, in an apparent attempt to show it is environmentally conscious, is sponsoring a contest, according to Ars Technica (emphasis added):
Though some would have you believe that games are nothing but a breeding ground for murderers, one of the current console contenders is hoping that some of the industry's up-and-comers can convince us that games can change the world. In association with Games for Change—a movement that strives to use games as a means for social change—Microsoft is hosting a competition called the "Xbox 360 Games for Change Challenge" that will seek out new talent for the purposes of creating a game based on the current socio-political climate of the world today.
Make no mistake -- "social change" is the goal of the CoGW, and exploitation of global warming (real or not) is how they intend to get there.