Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Why vegans love AGW

AGW alarmism provides an excellent opportunity for vegetarians and vegans to push hard on their agenda, on the premise that everything involved in raising animals for food -- from cow flatulence to distance to market ("food miles") -- contributes to global warming.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that someone has already written a book called The Global Warming Diet (to be published later this year), promoting nothing but vegetarian/vegan fare. As the Washington Times reports, the book by San Francisco chef Laura Stec and meteorology prof Eugene Cordero is also liberally (heh) seasoned with the wit and wisdom of the radical environmentalist left:
The 250-page book is full of vegetarian fare, guides for relevant "discussion" parties, a few inconvenient truths and a cowcatcher full of scientific claims from the Union of Concerned Scientists, the United Nations and other sources.

"One of the most positive effects you can have on the environment begins on your dinner plate," said Miss Stec, who calls her diet "global cooling cuisine."
Stec and Cordero are not the only ones who see a chance to make a quick buck while hitching their wagon to AGW:
Nutritionists at Britain's University of Wales have developed a weeklong eco-diet with low food mileage, less processing and no red meat or chocolate, which they say have "a high impact" on the environment.

The District-based Center for Science in the Public Interest offers "Six Arguments for a Greener Diet," which advocates vegetarianism in the name of healthy living, not to mention less "food poisoning, water pollution, air pollution, global warming, and animal suffering," says author and CSPI director Michael Jacobson.
The nutritionists at U. of Wales will have a hard time selling people on a diet that forbids chocolate -- global warming or no global warming.

Note that two of the organizations at the forefront of the global warming diet movement are the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Center for Science in the Public Interest. ActivistCash provides abundant evidence that these organizations, far from being objective, have long been advocates for vegetarianism and veganism (is that a word?). Read more here: UCS, CSPI.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. My point here is to present further evidence that AGW is a golden opportunity for the various constituencies of the left to promote their causes (and for wily capitalists to make a quick buck).