Thursday, June 28, 2007

House passes bill affirming moon made of green cheese

Okay, they didn't do that, but such a pronouncement would have had as much effect on reality as what they actually did, as reported in the opening sentence of a June 27 Reuters article:
House passes bill affirming global warming exists

The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday, aiming to put an end to the debate over whether global warming is actually occurring, passed legislation recognizing the "reality" of climate change[...]
Well, all righty, then. That really does settle it.

Later, we see that (to nobody's surprise) the language was aimed at the White House:
By inserting a declaration in the bill that climate change is a "reality," the Democratic-controlled House was trying to move U.S. policy-makers beyond a debate, long stimulated by the Bush administration, over whether there was scientific proof that global warming really is occurring.
Did the Bush administration actually dispute that "global warming" (Hey, Reuters, didn't you get the memo? The correct term is now "climate change") is occurring, or did they dispute that human activity is the cause? The ground for the latter objection is a lot more solid than that for the former.